Автобиография Марии Евгении Рамос (на английском языке)

María Eugenia Ramos

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 26 de noviembre de 1959)

I was born at seven months gestation, in a windy day. According to my mother, I was always a rebel, even in the fact of being born prematurely. I had a wonderful childhood and adolescence. I’ve always lived in poverty some decent, if that classification exists, but I have been privileged to have a loving father and a mother whose gave me respect, trust and freedom to make decisions. Every time I hear the stories of the people around me I realize that these were invaluable privileges, greater than living in a nice house or study in a private school.

I love animals and enjoy their company as well as people, but I recognize that not all, but those with whom I can share and learn. And how more I advance in my journey through life, more I realize that most of those people with whom I share and exchange are younger than me. It may be a sign of a defect or desequilbrio, but I do not. And if so, who has the perfect balance?

In addition to books, music is part of my life. I try to be open to all possible options, but do not deny that my greatest pleasure is to hear the sounds of my adolescence, that is, the rock-pop of the seventies, perhaps because of nostalgia, after all, is that gives us strength to keep going.


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My short stories and poems are included in anthologies of Central American and Honduran literature.