Биография Джудит Голдман (на английском языке)

Judith Goldman earned a PhD in English and comparative literature from Columbia University in 2007. Her collections of poetry include Vocoder (2001), DeathStar/rico-chet (2006), and the chapbook The Dispossessions (2009).

The poems in DeathStar/rico-chet address the political, post-9/11 world, partly through the use of found material and fragmented language. Poet Joyelle McSweeney, in a Rain Taxi review, commented on the ways in which Goldman writes about intensely contemporary culture: “one approach sets up a conceptual or formal framework that brings attentive pressure to bear on grimly mundane content; the other rejects conventional frameworks and concocts a parallel system of language at once as violent, arbitrary, and paradoxically prophetic of a fait accompli as a highlight reel of daily carnage on the evening news.”

Goldman is a Harper Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago. She co-edits, with Leslie Scalapino, the annual journal War and Peace, and was a co-editor of Krupskaya Press in 2002 and 2003.