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On Saturday June 5 2004 : Marie-Christine VANDOORNE and Venus KHOURY-GHATA
18h30 – Sofitel Palm Beach – Marseilles

Marie-Christine VANDOORNE‘s literary discussions
General delegate of the Alliances Françaises in France.



Venus KHOURY-GHATA was born in Lebanon which she left for France where she’s been living for twenty five years. She is divided between two countries, two languages: arabic on her mother’s side, and french on her father’s side.

A poet, she also writes short stories and novels; she is a passionate spokeswoman for francophony and contributes to several newspapers, literary magazines and radio programs.

She is a member of sevral juries: Mallarmé, Max-Jacob, France-Quebec, Max-Pol Foucher. She presides the Five Continents Prize.

Bibliography: ” The Cap Thénès Fiancés”, “La Maestra”, “Privilege of the Dead”, “A house on the verge of tears”, “The monk”, ” The Ottoman and the Minister of Finance’s wife”, “The confession of stones”.

Professor Mercier introduces the speakers and the Lebanon Consul General who very kindly joined us