Книга Ингер Хагерур “Alt er så nær meg” (“Все так близко ко мне”). Аннотация на английском языке. Обложка издания

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Everything is So Close to Me

Hagerup, Klaus: Alt er så nær meg

Few lyricists accomplish being as loved as Inger Hagerup was – and still is. Her achievements were significant in so many areas, but it was with her poems that she reached directly into the hearts of people of all ages. How Strange, Little Persil and That Summer are collections of poetry with poetic classics for children. Also in her memoirs, A Girl Comes Along, What Are You Doing Down Here and Out Seeking Labour, Inger Hagerup displays her confidence with everything that stirs in the young minds. Everything is So Close to Me was first published in 1988, and in this book about his mother, Klaus Hagerup dedicates a lot of space to her writing, and he shows us just how close her life was to her work. But most of all, this is a profoundly personal book, written with great love; by a son who is not reluctant to get into also the darker sides of his mother’s life.

First published: 1988, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
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