Подборка стихотворений Халины Посвятовской (на английском языке)

* * *
in your perfect fingers
I am only a shiver
a song of leaves
under the touch of your warm lips

your fragrance irritates – it says: you exist
your fragrance irritates – it takes the night away
in your perfect fingers
I am the light

I shine with green moons
above the dead darkened day
suddenly you know that my lips are red

– with salty taste the blood flows up –

* * *
I am dazed by the beauty of my body.
today I looked at myself with your eyes. discovered
the soft curve of shoulders the tired round breasts which
want to sleep and slowly roll down in spite of themselves.
my legs unfolding offering infinitely up to
the limits absent from what is me and what beyond me
throbs in every leaf in every raindrop.
I saw myself as if through glass in your eyes
looking at me. I felt your hands on the warm tight
skin of my thighs and obeying your command
I stood naked before a huge mirror and then
I covered your eyes not to see and not to feel
the loneliness of my body blossoming with you.

Stanzas For Malgosia

when you come and make my mouth all smiles I am a mirror
in which your eyes sparkle when you come to view yourself in me
I wait in my garden heavy with apples cherries captive in
my arms when you come

I bring fruit for your hungry mouth
for your thirst the moisture of my meadows
when you come
standing at an open window I wait
with stars’ eyes restlessly I inspect the night

it’s still early my love the birds are still asleep
soothe ruffled wings of kisses
your voice woke the sun’s honey bees
they’re dancing over my head full of sleep
with crickets’ wings your voice
flicks silence off my eyelids love
and yet birds are asleep

it’s early my love yet with a touch of lips
you make dawn in my house and in my sky
the sunrise outlines the swaying leaves of poplars
drops of the morning drizzle shine on leaves
and I give you to drink my love yet trees are asleep

* * *
my lover is not that handsome
and he has quite a temper
but who will paint my sky
in the dark afternoon purple
if I let him go not to come back
my lover has burning lips
and a row of sharp teeth when with laughter
he replies to the challenge of the world
my lover has a mouth which rises
as a crescent over each of my nights
my lover is not tender his eyes
dance in the street’s rectangle
he lights a flame in girls
clutching his shadow
I hold my love by the hair
in his shadow a frail blade of grass blossoms
into an April appletree

* * *
I want to write about you
With your name to prop the crooked fence
The frozen cherry tree
About your lips
To form curved stanzas
About your lashes to lie taht they are dark
I want
To weave my fingers through your hair
Find a nook in your throat
Where with a muffled whisper
The heart defies the lips
I want
To mix your name with stars
With blood
To be inside you
Not to be with you
To vanish
Like a raindrop soaked into night

* * *
he said – he loved he said
now I live
in his smile
and trace
the shape of hips
as narrow
as the trunk of the young spruce
whose grace
I praised last night
before he
sowed singing desire
in my dancing hands
in my feet standing on tiptoe
in my teeth
I long
in great pensiveness
resting my chin on my hand
I think – about the skin
whose tart and
golden taste
I recollect