Подборка стихотворений Дризаны Деборы Джек (на английском языке)

Оригинал материала находится по адресу:



let us kneel

daughters of Lok-hay

grasp in our hands

the soil

of our land

breathe it in

smell the blood the toil

the saliva

the amniotic waters

that flow



ground streams

press your ear to the wind

hear the cries of our foremothers

know that they were

wild Women


who hid sparks behind shuttered lashes

keeping passions

between locked knees

who waged the silent resistance

of a dinner uncooked

(Lok-hay was a runaway on the island of St, Martin who led the enslaved to freedom, conducted raids and was able to elude her captors until her death. Her hillside fire was a symbol of freedom)