Опыт биографии Индрадеви (на английском языке). Фото скульптуры поэтессы.



Jayavarman VII had two wives. They were sisters. The first wife was named, Jayarajdevi. She was a very compassionate and devote Buddhist. When her husband left to Champa, she underwent extremely rigorous and strict religious rituals such as fasting for his safe return. She fell into an “ocean of sorrow”. She lived a very ascetic lifestyle. It was said that because of her hardship, she died young. Many inscriptions liked to compare her to Sita, of the Ramayana(Ream Khay), awaiting the return of her husband. She “immersed herself in tears of sorrow” because of her separation from her him. An inscription reads, “Received direct study from her own elder sister. She thought Buddhism was lovely and dear to her heart. She chose this path because it was a peaceful path that helped her cross the fire of suffering and the ocean of pain.”

Indradevi was his second wife, and the older sister to Jayaradevy. She was a renown scholar and very well versed in classical art. She gave lectures to the public on Buddhist principles to the public. She was also, according to legend, a great warrior builder of the empire. She helped immensely with her husband’s building programs. Both wives were said to be very loyal and devoted to Jayavarman VII.