Краткая биография Светланы Макарович (на английском языке). Фото поэтессы.

Svetlana Makarovic, born 1939 in Maribor.

Graduated at the Academy for Theatre and Film in Ljubljana. Worked as an actress and freelance writer. She is well-known for her poetry and prose for children and adults, as a singer, composer, illustrator and her own chansons performer. She wrote over a hundred books of fairytales and theatre plays. Poetry collections are Twilight (1964), Midsummernight (1968), Wolfberries (1972), Heartplant (1973), Time of War (1974), Wormwood Woman (1974), Counting (1977), Neighbor Mountain (1980), Chrysanthemum on the Piano (chansons 1990), That Time (1993), and To eat, to be eaten (1998). Winner of Preљernov sklad Award 1975, Jenko award for poetry etc.