Избранные стансы Гертруды Стайн (на английском языке)

Stanzas In Meditation

Stanza I

I caught a bird which made a ball

And they thought better of it.

But it is all of which they taught

That they were in a hurry yet

In a kind of a way they meant it best

That they should change in and on account

But they must not stare when they manage

Whatever they are occasionally liable to do

It is often easy to pursue them once in a while

And in a way there is no repose

They like it as well as they ever did

But it is very often just by the time

That they are able to separate

In which case in effect they could

Not only be very often present perfectly

In each way whichever they chose.

All of this never matters in authority

But this which they need as they are alike

Or in an especial case they will fulfill

Not only what they have at their instigation

Made for it as a decision in its entirety

Made that they minded as well as blinded

Lengthened for them welcome in repose

But which they open as a chance

But made it be perfectly their allowance

All which they antagonise as once for all

Kindly have it joined as they mind

Stanza II

I think very well of Susan but I do not know her name

I think very well of Ellen but which is not the same

I think very well of Paul I tell him not to do so

I think very well of Francis Charles but do I do so

I think very well of Thomas but I do not not do so

I think very well of not very well of William

I think very well of any very well of him

I think very well of him.

It is remarkable how quickly they learn

But if they learn and it is very remarkable how quickly they learn

It makes not only but by and by

And they may not only be not here

But not there

Which after all makes no difference

After all this does not make any does not make any difference

I add added it to it.

I could rather be rather be here.

Stanza V

Why can pansies be their aid or paths.

He said paths she had said paths

All like to do their best with half of the time

A sweeter sweetener came and came in time

Tell him what happened then only to go

He nervous as you add only not only as they angry were

Be kind to half the time that they shall say

It is undoubtedly of them for them for every one any one

They thought quietly that Sunday any day she might not come

In half a way of coining that they wish it

Let it be only known as please which they can underrate

They try once to destroy once to destroy as often

Better have it changed to pigeons now if the room smokes

Not only if it does but happens to happens to have the room smoke all the time.

In their way not in their way it can be all arranged

Not now we are waiting.

I have read that they wish if land is there

Land is there if they wish land is there

Yes hardly if they wish land is there

It is no thought of enterprise there trying

Might they claim as well as reclaim.

Did she mean that she had nothing.

We say he and I that we do not cry

Because we have just seen him and called him back

He meant to go away

Once now I will tell all which they tell lightly.

How were we when we met.

All of which nobody not we know

But it is so. They cannot be allied

They can be close and chosen.

Once in a while they wait.

He likes it that there is no chance to misunderstand pansies.

Stanza XIV

She need not be selfish but he may add

They like my way it is partly mine

In which case for them to foil or not please

Come which they may they may in June.

Not having all made plenty by their wish

In their array all which they plan

Should they be called covered by which

It is fortunately their stay that they may

In which and because it suits them to fan

Not only not with clover but with may it matter

That not only at a distance and with nearly

That they ran for which they will not only plan

But may be rain can be caught by the hills

Just as well as they can with what they have

And they may have it not only because of this

But because they may be here.

Or is it at all likely that they arrange what they like.

Nohody knows just why they are or are not anxious

While they sit and watch the horse which rests

Not because he is tired but because they are waiting

To say will they wait with them in their way

Only to say it relieves them that they go away

This is what they feel when they like it

Most of them do or which

It is very often their need not to be either

Just why they are after all made quickly faster

Just as they might do.

It is what they did say when they mentioned it

Or this.

It is very well to go up and down and look more

Than they could please that they see where

It is better that they are there

Stanza XV

Should they may be they might if they delight

In why they must see it be there not only necessarily

But which they might in which they might

For which they might delight if they look there

And they see there that they look there

To see it be there which it is if it is

Which may be where where it is

If they do not occasion it to be different

From what it is.

In one direction there is the sun and the moon

In the other direction there are cumulus clouds and the sky

In the other direction there is why

They look at what they see

They look very long while they talk along

And they may be said to see that at which they look

Whenever there is no chance of its not being warmer

Than if they wish which they were.

They see that they have what is there may there

Be there also what is to be there if they may care

They care for it of course they care for it.

Now only think three times roses green and blue

And vegetables and pumpkins and pansies too

Which they like as they are very likely not to be

Reminded that it is more than ever necessary

That they should never be surprised at any one time

At just what they have been given by taking what they have

Which they are very careful not to add with

As they may easily indulge in the fragrance

Not only of which but by which they know

That they tell them so.