History of Buttercups

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Like showers of gold dust on the marsh,
Or an inverted sky,
The buttercups are dancing now
Where silver brooks run by.
Bright, bright,
As fallen flakes of light,
They nod
In time to every breeze
That chases shadows swiftly lost
Amid those grassy seas.
See, what a golden frenzy flies
Through the light-hearted flowers!
In mimic fear they flutter now;
Each fairy blossom cowers.
Then up, then up,
Each shakes its yellow cup
And nods
In careless grace once more –
A very flood of sunshine seems
Across the marsh to pour.

History of Buttercups

In 1981, one of the first significant pilgrimages to Green Gables on Prince Edward Island, Canada was undertaken by twenty-three Japanese Anne enthusiasts. The tour was organized by the publisher Shinozaki-shorin of Tokyo which has published many books by L.M. Montgomery.

On their return, these Anne fans decided to establish a fan club.They called themselves, Buttercups, after one of Montgomery’s favourite flowers which appears often in her novels. They created and circulated among themselves a hand written newsletter they called Abegweit Memories.

Membership grew rapidly, and Buttercups became active nationally two years later. They changed the name of their newsletter to Buttercups Tsushin which has been published regularly since then (See Publications link).

Nowadays, approximately 150 members from an astonishing diversity of backgrounds belong to the club.


In 1988, a donation over $3,000 CDN from the members helped renovate the Lower Bedeque School in Prince Edward Island where Montgomery taught.

On the 122nd anniversary of Montgomery’s birth, November 30th 1996, they donated more than $1,700 CDN to help restore the manse at Leaskdale, Ontario, where Montogmery lived with her family for about 15 years, into a Montgomery museum.

In the spring of 1997 after the great fire of Green Gables, the members considered the future of the Anne’s house and gathered a donation over $2,000 CDN which was soon sent to the Parks Canada.

The members appreciate Anne and Montgomery so much that they eagerly support these important Canadian heritage sites, along with their other activities such as reading club and exchanging information at meetings. They also regularly publish three volumes on their activites (See Publications link).

Recently, Buttercups started their own mailing list to promote mutual friendship (See Contact Information).