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Guadalupe Teresa Amor Schmidtlein (May 30, 1918May 8, 2000), who wrote as Pita Amor, was a Mexican poet. She was born in Mexico City, the youngest child of a family with seven children, of mixed French, German and Spanish ancestry, a member of the Mexican aristocracy. Her parents were Carolina Schmidtlein y García Teruel (of German and Spanish origin) and Don Emmanuel Amor Subervielle (of Spanish and French origin). Her family’s financial woes after the revolution are narrated in Yo soy mi casa.

During her lifetime she was known for her rebelliousness and audacity in her lifestyle. Her family was shocked when it was revealed that she posed-and was portrayed-nude. She was a friend of Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and María Félix. She was called “The 11th Muse”. During her youth, she was an actress and a model for famous photographers and painters such as Diego Rivera and Raúl Anguiano.

Her poetry, influenced by Juana Inés de la Cruz (“The 10th Muse”) and Francisco de Quevedo, is notable for its direct expressions about metaphysical issues stated in the first person.

She was a cousin of the Mexican author Elena Poniatowska Amor, and a descendant of Mexican aristocrats.

She died in Mexico City at the age of 81.


  • Yo soy mi casa (1946) dedicated to her friend Gabriela Mistral
  • Puerta obstinada (1947)
  • Círculo de angustia (1948)
  • Poesía (1948)
  • Polvo (1949)
  • Décimas a Dios (1953)
  • Sirviéndole a Dios, de hoguera (1958)
  • Todos los siglos del mundo (1959)
  • Galería de Títeres (1959)
  • Soy dueña del universo (1984)
  • El Zoológico de Pita Amor (1975) dedicated to Rodolfo Chavez Parra