Афоризмы Гертруды Стайн (на английском и русском языках).

I do want to get rich but I never want to do what there is to do to get rich. (desire)
Everybody gets so much common information all day long that they lose their common sense. (common sense)
Communists are people who fancied that they had an unhappy childhood. (communism and social)
It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing. (genius)

What is the answer? [Silence] In that case, what is the question? (famous last words)
It is extraordinary that whole populations have no projects for the future, none at all. It certainly is extraordinary, but it is certainly true. (future)
Remarks are not literature. (literature)
The minute you or anybody else knows what you are you are not it, you are what you or anybody else knows you are and as everything in living is made up of finding out what you are it is extraordinarily difficult really not to know what you are and yet to be that thing. (identity)
Nature is commonplace. Imitation is more interesting. (imitation)
One does not get better but different and older and that is always a pleasure. (maturity)
A writer must always try to have a philosophy and he should also have a psychology and a philology and many other things. Without a philosophy and a psychology and all these various other things he is not really worthy of being called a writer. I agree with Kant and Schopenhauer and Plato and Spinoza and that is quite enough to be called a philosophy. But then of course a philosophy is not the same thing as a style. (philosophers and phi)
Oh, I wish I were a miser; being a miser must be so occupying. (misers and misery)
It is funny the two things most men are proudest of is the thing that any man can do and doing does in the same way, that is being drunk and being the father of their son. (men)
I simply contend that the middle-class ideal which demands that people be affectionate, respectable, honest and content, that they avoid excitements and cultivate serenity is the ideal that appeals to me, it is in short the ideal of affectionate family life, of honorable business methods. (middle class)
Money is always there but the pockets change. (money)
The unreal is natural, so natural that it makes of unreality the most natural of anything natural. That is what America does, and that is what America is. (reality)
Let me listen to myself and not to them. (self-sufficiency)
Americans are very friendly and very suspicious, that is what Americans are and that is what always upsets the foreigner, who deals with them, they are so friendly how can they be so suspicious they are so suspicious how can they be so friendly but they just are. (america)
The United States is just now the oldest country in the world, there always is an oldest country and she is it, it is she who is the mother of the twentieth century civilization. She began to feel herself as it just after the Civil War. And so it is a country the right age to have been born in and the wrong age to live in. (america)

Свободная женщина – это та, которая позволяет себе секс до свадьбы и работу после свадьбы.

Нужно всегда быть самым младшим ребенком в семье.

Все так опасно, что можно ничего особенно не опасаться.

Дайте мне послушать меня, а не их.

Я хочу быть богатой, но я не хочу делать то, что надо делать, чтобы стать богатой.

Деньги всегда есть, только карманы меняются.

Внутри себя все мы одного возраста.

Вот что вы такое.Вся молодежь, побывавшая на войне.Вы – потерянное поколение.

Вычеркнуть у автора даже самое короткое слово – все равно что вычеркнуть все.

Вообще говоря, любой человек интереснее тогда, когда он ничего не делает, чем когда он делает что бы то ни было.

Среди евреев было лишь три оригинальных личности: Христос, Спиноза и я.

Ей не было равных в искусстве очень медленного ничегонеделания.

Когда ты наконец получаешь то, что хотела, оказывается, что это вовсе не то, чего ты хотела.

Забавно, что большинство мужчин гордятся двумя вещами, которые любой мужчина может делать в точности так же: напиваться и зачинать сыновей.